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Perfectly orchestrated learning and testing flows for upskilling/reskilling projects in  cloud computing, robotics, semiconductor skills, AI, cybersecurity and more...

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Is a frictionless adaptive learning platform that empowers teachers, children and students to build, program and use simple robots, plant caring robots, aeroponic towers, robotic greenhouses, cleantech devices, cybersecurity environments, 3D printers, VR  devices and other  complex tech systems. It is designed to be used by schools, public libraries, universities and companies in need of IT talent. supports both formal and informal educational activities aimed at training children and students(8-23 years old) for the jobs of the future provided by technology companies.


Plug-and-Play educational experience

Using is a "plug-and-play" educational experience. It could be described as a system for making tech education accessible on a large scale to normal teachers and students without prior tech education. You are not expected to create content when using although you may choose to do so by using open educational resources (OERs).

  • plug-and-play
  • accesible education
  • no prior tech education
  • open educational resources

Power of Artificial Intelligence uses the power of artificial intelligence to enable normal teachers and professors to deliver lessons in robotics, computer programming and other advanced subjects such as cybersecurity, 3D printing, machine learning, virtual reality and urban agriculture. It greatly reduces the teaching load and bridges the digital divide between regions.

  • artificial intelligence
  • robotics lessons
  • machine learning
  • virtual reality

NEXTLAB.TECH A1 programmable board

Apart from offering an adaptive learning platform, also comes with content and is integrated with real educational devices based on affordable semiconductors. It is an end-to-end solution for those who want to modernize schools, public libraries and training departments. includes both software, content, and compatible hardware.

  • semiconductors
  • future school
  • software
  • hardware

The ultimate aim of NEXTLAB.TECH

Is to put educational semiconductors in the hands of each student and to empower educators to orchestrate captivitating educational activities such as robohackathons. also offers a framework to certify tech competencies acquired on various platforms. is neither an LMS nor an authoring tool and may be used in parallel with almost any LMS and/or authoring tool.

  • empower educators
  • robohackathons
  • certification framework
  • learning management system
image is currently being implemented in 5400 schools and a few companies from Romania and is estimated to reach 800 000 users by the end of 2023. The platform will be available in English as of Q3 2023.


  • 5400 schools
  • 800.000 users


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September 2022

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May 2022

The Globalworth Foundation supports and hosts the first school robotics hackathon in Bucharest

April 2022

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